Monthly Archives: March 2015

Wow! Just Wow!

Well I was away with family for a couple of days after a hectic few weeks in the run up to release of Highland Wolf Clan, Book 1, The Reluctant Alpha and what do I see on my return? Something absolutely amazing, that’s what! Highland has gotten to #23 in Top Rated Paranormal Romance on Amazon as dictated by customer ratings/reviews! Now THAT is wonderful. I am so stoked about it I almost did a girly ‘squeeeeeeee’! Hubs did look at me rather weird as I got a tad excited, but, hey, that’s nothing new, the whole looking at me weird I mean.

Here’s the proof too – I’m saving this pic folks! It was an awesome thing to come home to! So a huge Thank You to everyone who has read and left a review. I’m so happy that you are loving it as much as me.

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