Monthly Archives: May 2015

Do you like signed paperbacks?

I do signed paperbacks folks, they are the price you’d pay on Amazon, plus postage. Now, I know the posting is a pain in the butt for me to send to US etc, and I can only apologize to our lovely peeps over the pond, sorry it’s so expensive to send there. However, for anyone that would like a signed paperback then all you have to do is pm me on FB. Here is the author page link – click here for author page – and here’s my personal page if you want to send me a friend request – click here for personal page – so just drop me a pm if you’re interested. Payment is done through paypal so it’s easy peasy! I’ll pop in a couple of signed bookmarks too folks.

Here’s a couple of mine that are available. Hope you all have a fandabydozy weekend! I’m away back to writing book 4 in the Highland Wolf Clan series! Busy, busy busy!

Highland Wolf ClanSEB 1 E-Book Cover