How NOT to promote your book!

Okay guys, as an author, especially if you’re like me and are an indie, then we all know we have to promote our books to get sales. However, there are some ‘no no’s’ regarding this and I’d just like to give you my own opinion on this rather tricky subject.

First, if you get a new follower on twitter. Please don’t immediately send a direct message saying ‘please check out my book’ or ‘I’d love you to read and review my book’ or anything like this together with links to buy. I’ve had this too many times to count lately and, trust me, people will not be rushing off to download your story! It puts people off, not on, to your books. 






Same rules apply for other social media platforms like Facebook. If someone likes your authorpage, or friends you, don’t follow it up by pm’ing them asking them to buy your book, review your book, or such. These tactics will not usually result in sales. In fact, if you do this on a regular basis then word gets around and people will block or even report you. Please, don’t do this, and the worst possible posts to put on your page are the ones saying you’re broke and need money so please buy your book! For goodness sake, do not do this! You are a professional, an author, and you should conduct yourself as you would in a work place; with professionalism, courtesy, and good business sense. 







So, how do you promote yourself? Well, there are a lot of ways to do that via social media. Take part in events on Facebook, contact pages/groups/bloggers asking if they could possibly help by offering them a free copy to review, or offering to do a giveaway on their page. Don’t spam peeps, contact them once, and if they respond – great! If they don’t, then move on, don’t harrass them until they finally block you for being a nuisance. 

In all things be professional, friendly, and courteous. Don’t beg, don’t be rude, and don’t ever spam.

Also, if you’re friends with other authors – do NOT post your book/links etc on their timeline. This is not acceptable and will annoy the hell out of them. If you’re friendly with an author then by all means pm them asking them to post your sale etc, but never just go ahead and try to add it to their page. Your name will spread like wildfire, but for all the wrong reasons, and you’ll find yourself being blocked right, left, and center. If they say no then take it on the chin and don’t feel upset. It may just be they don’t think your book is a good ‘fit’ for their reader base. It’s not a direct attack on you or your work. Thank them for their time and move on.

In this business there’s going to be many ‘No’s’ so if you get upset at these then you’re in for a rough ride. You have to grow a very thick skin and don’t take it personally or you’ll be very unhappy and that’s not why we write. We write because we HAVE to, at least that’s why I do it, so if you’re like that too then focus on the positives: your story flowing out of you and readers enjoying what you write!