Some of my Favorite Books!

Okay peeps, here are some of my favorite books. Go check them out! They are not in any particular order lol.

The very talented Eden Elsworth, you can find her Amazon author page HERE.  I’ve loved everything I’ve read but I particularly enjoyed her Real World series of books. This is book 1 in the series:-







Next up is the gorgeous Monica La Porta! You can find Monica’s author page HERE. I absolutely LOVE her Immortal series, it’s fabulous, so check it out peeps. Here’s book 1 in the series and it’s FREE.







If you like Epic Fantasy, then I’ve not read any better than Nav Logan’s Stormbringer Saga. It’s fantastic! You can find his author page HERE. This is book 1 in the series and I adored it.








Do you like a little bit of Alpha hotness? Well this next one is jammed full of it and I’ve read the entire series! It’s by Eva Gordon, and you can find her author page HERE. Here’s book 1 in the series peeps.








I hope you find one that you like, and if you read any of them, pop over to Facebook and let me know what you thought.