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Do you have a spare moment to vote for me?

Wow! I’m very excited to be nominated in several categories in Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics award event, Best of the Best! You can join the event HERE and if you’ve got a spare wee moment I’d really appreciate some votes! The lists are in alphabetical order, so my name is near the top in all of them, easy peasy to find my # number. You only comment the number next to my name, or your vote won’t count folks.  I’ve put direct links to ones I’m in below, just click on it and it’ll take you straight to the post to vote. 

Favorite Paranormal Romance Author of 2015     My number on this one is #2

Favorite Paranormal Author of 2015          My number on this one is #2

Favorite Anthology Author of 2015   My number on this one is #1

Favorite Romance Author of 2015       My number on this one is #2

Favorite Humor or Comedy Author of 2015    My number on this one is #1

Also, here’s the Sweet N Sassy FB page HERE if you could pop over and show it some love! Tell them ‘Ava thinks you’re fandabydozy’.

Giveaway Details!

Want to win a signed paperback? An Amazon Gift Card? Yes? Well all you have to do is click on the images to pop over to I Love Vampire Novels to enter! Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!










Here’s a link to show you how to use the giveaway platform, in case you have any problemsLINK

Please pop over and check out ILVN FB page, show it some love peeps and you’ll also find details of giveaway there too!  I Love Vampire Novels

Dragons, Dragons, I need Dragons!

Okay peeps, I have a new series coming up and I’m looking for images to use for both teasers, and possibly the cover too. So, if you know of anyone that creates fabulous Dragon images get them to drop me a pm on Facebook with links to their work and price list etc. 

So, are YOU an image maker? Do you specialize in Dragons? If so, then pm me on Facebook as I’m looking for a WOW image for new series. As I’m an Indie, although I am willing to pay for the image, I can’t afford a fortune, so if prices are on the high side then I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy your image(s). I’ve contacted a couple of peeps on deviantart in the past, and the prices quoted were, to say the least, extortionate and I’m not sure who they sell to but it most definitely wouldn’t be an indie author lol. So, if you want your art on the cover, please be realistic with pricing. I’m particularly interested in a Green, or Black Dragon, and it’s most definitely a male.

Come on, let me see what ya got!