Dragons, Dragons, I need Dragons!

Okay peeps, I have a new series coming up and I’m looking for images to use for both teasers, and possibly the cover too. So, if you know of anyone that creates fabulous Dragon images get them to drop me a pm on Facebook with links to their work and price list etc. 

So, are YOU an image maker? Do you specialize in Dragons? If so, then pm me on Facebook as I’m looking for a WOW image for new series. As I’m an Indie, although I am willing to pay for the image, I can’t afford a fortune, so if prices are on the high side then I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy your image(s). I’ve contacted a couple of peeps on deviantart in the past, and the prices quoted were, to say the least, extortionate and I’m not sure who they sell to but it most definitely wouldn’t be an indie author lol. So, if you want your art on the cover, please be realistic with pricing. I’m particularly interested in a Green, or Black Dragon, and it’s most definitely a male.

Come on, let me see what ya got!