CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED! Santa’s Come Early in this fabulous Christmas Giveaway!


Winner’s will be posted shortly!

EIGHT Winners! Yes, you read that right! There’ll be EIGHT people winning something fabulous in this fandabydozy giveaway!

Santa’s Coming to Play! I’ve got a great Christmas Giveaway for you all and it’ll run from now right through to 3rd January! There’s a plethora of prizes to be won, from a Signed paperback, to Amazon Gift cards, and even a fabulous necklace donated by the gorgeous Stracey from Sassy Queens of Design! So, how do I enter I hear you ask? Check below and follow the instructions and then fill out the google doc at the bottom. Good luck! Now, Goooooooooooooo!

1          Have to have liked my authorpage AND invite some friends to come over and like – click HERE

2          Have to have liked the Sassy Queens page – click HERE

3          Have to have preordered Guild of Dragon Warriors, Jaxon’s Sanctuary, it’s ONLY 99c on preorder folks – click HERE for Amazon, other links below.

4          Have to SHARE this giveaway on your FB page, copy and paste url

5          Have to follow me on twitter – click HERE

6          HAVE to have signed up for my Sassy Lassie’s VIP Clan – click HERE

7          If you’re on Bookbub then pop over and follow me there – click HERE

That’s it folks, do 1 – 7 then fill in this Googleform to gain entry!

Wishing each and every one of you a fabulous Christmas, a prosperous New Year, and hope you win something nice!


Ava xx

DGW 1 - Jaxon's Sanctuary - AK Michaels3small


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