Great New Kindle of Kids Bundle!

Just saw this and think it’s FAB! I know one of our daughters bought this for her oldest who loves it to bits! I’ve already bought her a number of books and she is eating them up! I love that it comes in different colors. Our wee one is a bit of a tomboy and chose her favorite color, blue! She’s winging her way through a hoard of books, including Harry Potter and Horrid Henry. It’s wonderful to see the wee ones taking such an interest in reading and she’s even asked me, “Nana, when can I read your books?” Of course I laugh as her mum says, “When you’re thirty!” lol. That’s her stock answer when they ask when they’ll be allowed to do something. So, if you’re thinking of introducing the kids to books, this may be a way to do it. It’s one step closer to them possibly thinking of writing their own story. You never know!

kids kindle