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Wolf Pack Run – 7th – 9th September!

wolf pack run sept1

It’s HERE! The wonderful Wolf Pack Run with tons of fabulous books on sale for ONLY 99c AND a huge giveaway of FOUR $100 Gift Cards!

If you’re a member of my VIP Clan, make sure to check your emails to see all the books included in this Run, and get direct link to giveaway, or you can pop over to Michelle’s site HERE to find all the delectable deals.

You can click HERE to be taken straight to the Giveaway! Make sure to enter and Good Luck!!

AROOOOOOOOO!! Wolf Pack Run!!!!!!!

wolf pack run sept

AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s another fantabulous Wolf Pack Run from 7th ’til 9th September! You have to be signed up for my VIP Clan to ensure you get the email jam packed full of 99c deals AND an awesome giveaway of FOUR, yes, FOUR $100 Gift Cards! 

If you haven’t already signed up for my VIP Clan then do so NOW! Click HERE!