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Amazon Fire Giveaway!!!

Christmas has come early! Who wants to win one of TWO of these fabulous Magenta colored Amazon Fires? You do? Well all you have to do to enter is preorder Escape and share it on your Facebook page! Easy Peasy! Especially as it’s ONLY 99c it won’t break the bank! Click HERE to share Facebook post and once you’ve got your preorder details click HERE or on the image below to go straight to entry form!

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Escape: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance







Welcome to the world of Blood Courtesans.

Where Vampires are real and blood is a commodity that can give me my means of escape.

Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me. I’ll go to any lengths to escape being a prisoner within a Wolf Pack, including offering myself as a Blood Courtesan to a powerful and deadly Vampire. First I have to escape the Pack, and my Alpha father. Will Maxwell be strong enough to protect me? I hope so: he’s my last hope for freedom and to live life as I want. I pray I’ll survive, and I pray I’ll keep my soul intact.

“Flora, that’s a beautiful name,” Maxwell stares intently at me, his eyes raking from head to toe then back again, making my feet shuffle and my heart rate explode in my chest. “I think you’ll do nicely for my time here. Remember, Flora, you are mine for the duration of my visit. All mine. After I leave you will get paid and can go on with your life however you see fit.”

His nose sniffed around my head as I stood stiffly, trying not to move a muscle. When he stepped back he frowned. “You’re not entirely human. I can smell Wolf on you.”

Shit! I hadn’t counted on him finding that snippet out this early on. I rolled my eyes. “My mum had a little liaison with a Wolf and I was the outcome. I’ve never felt Wolf, or been able to transform, or anything like that. It’s not a problem. Is it?”

I held my breath. This was it. The precise moment my future would be decided.

He seemed to take forever, the moment dragging on before he stopped behind me, leaning down and breathing into my ear. “No, not a problem.”

Jesus fucking H Christ! I swear I almost fainted. My body reacting in ways I’d only ever read about in books. My thighs quivered, my mouth watered, and hells bells and buggery! That tiny slip of silk that was masquerading as panties, suddenly seemed very moist.

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