Monthly Archives: July 2017

Do you want KU? Might be time to check it out.

Have you ever thought about Kindle Unlimited? I know a lot of readers have it so they can download and read as many books as they want. Avid readers can get through a TON of books and if they were paying per book it would cost a LOT of money. So KU is the only way they can feed their reading habit. It makes financial sense for them, but sometimes people just don’t have the spare cash to buy into KU…well I just got a heads up that there’s a SALE on for KU! Aye, there is!! So, if you’ve ever wished you had it…to feed your hunger for stories…then maybe you should go check out if you can get it now? Click on the image to see what deals they’ve got but they’ve got up to 40% on some so it might be worthwhile to have a wee look.