Julia Mills – Marrok

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Desire Beyond Compare…
An Alpha on the hunt for his fated mate…
Marrok Kilbride has faced insurmountable odds – returned from the dead, killed those threatening his pack and even watched his sister find the mate of her heart but never has he experienced anything like the voracious, mindless hunger dogging his every step, and it all started with…her.
The fire racing through his veins cannot be extinguished. His wolf cannot be tamed. Both man and beast must have his mate…or die trying.
Sleepless nights, hallucinations, and the inability to keep his wolf contained all are part of the Legendary Hunger, a myth the old ones speak of, a fable come to life to not only torment but taunt and terrorize this Alpha to the point of sneaking onto Pride Lands and taking what he knows to be his.
But she’s gone…kidnapped…taken from under his nose and hidden away…
The hunt is on. There’s no time to waste. He will find her and make her his, God help anyone who gets in his way.
This isn’t about Fate or Destiny… This is A Wolf’s Hunger, It Cannot Be Stopped.