Defender’s Blood Series

Can Alex survive what fate has in store?

Alex had no idea what is about to happen. Her destiny one that was beyond her imagination. A Vampire sent to guard her and whose feelings for the human were alien to him. The danger she was in would take her breath away – as much as her feelings for the ancient vampire! She was sure she wasn’t up to the task. Zach, the Vampire, was just as sure she was! Demon attacks, Angel Intervention and her Aunt – well she wasn’t human at all! Could she do this? Could Zach keep her safe? Everyone hoped so because the alternative was unthinkable! The whole of mankind was at stake! This book does contain adult content so 18+ is suggested.

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The impossible might just be possible!

Pregnant? How could she be pregnant?! Alex was mated to a vampire and no vampire had ever sired a babe let alone twins!
Alex and Zach were shocked and worried! Why is the Angel Michael drawn to Alex and the babies growing in her womb? All does not go well and with the impending birth comes an unspeakable evil – an evil that wants one thing! It wants the babies!

How can Zach stop their children from being taken? Only one way – a battle that has never been seen on earth before – Supernaturals against Demons and their minions. Tho even the amount of Supers willing to fight is not enough!
How can they win and how can Alex survive?

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Zach is faced with his biggest nightmare!

Alexina lay dying and Zach’s vampire heart was being ripped from his chest! He couldn’t lose her! The fairy told him what he must do but he was torn – could he do it? There was no choice – he had to!

Would she survive tho? Most didn’t and he knew that her chances were slim. Their babies were born but at what cost! Zach had to take his love far away – anything else was too dangerous. That meant he had to walk away from his newborns!

His friend and fellow vampire James took them and vowed to come back to help Zach and in the process his life was changed forever. The scarred vampire – or as he thought of himself – the monster – had no idea what awaited!

The fate of their babies lies in the balance – just what is in store for the babes? Something that will rip the hearts from both Alex and Zach.

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Is it possible the babies are still alive?

What happened to the twins? Will Alex and Zach get their babies back? Things don’t look good as three years have passed and there has been no sign of them! Alex and Zach throw themselves into their work. Setting up a new department covering the worst cases of abuse against supers and children – usually of a sexual nature
Dmitri no longer works as Vlad’s Second in Command – now he works for Alex and Zach. Dmitri’s life is in for a change – one he didn’t think possible – how will he cope? Tatya, Vlad and Irina’s baby is now a gorgeous three year old who Alex and Zach dote on – loving her in the absence of their own babies!

The Angel Michael makes a return and he is not alone and his news is shocking! A new threat to humankind!

An ancient vampire is found – one who is making money off the misery of others – he is very powerful – more so than maybe even Zach. This vampire wants Alex – and takes her – will she and Zach survive the separation?

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Duncan sends an urgent plea for help, but can they get there in time?

Alex and Zach have their twins back – BUT – they are not the babies that they had taken – no they are full grown with a destiny. To find and eliminate the threat of the Fallen Ones! Fallen Angels here on earth! Fallen Angels who want to breed – make their own offspring – ones that would be far stronger, superior, to humans. Ones that would eventually enslave mankind! Now THAT none of them could allow!

Alex and Zach meet some of these head on in Scotland! Duncan – their friend and Alpha to his pack of wolves, has a brother. A brother they didn’t know about – because he was very rare – he was Alpha to a pack of jaguars that lived remotely in the Highlands. His pack attacked by great beasts that decimated the entire pack. The entire pack ripped apart – that is apart from the young females taken! Duncan’s niece Samantha escapes and manages to get to Duncan and ask for help. Help that results in Duncan losing three of his wolves and almost his own life!

Can the vampires and their twins and friends help? We can only hope that they can!

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What on earth is happening in the Fairy Realm?

Tatiana is in pain. The fairy feels death and destruction emanating from her own realm, the Fairy Realm – a secret kingdom where none can gain entry, which should have been safe. Her only option is to travel there with her mate and their friends, a group of strong Wolves and Vampires. These warriors represent the one hope of saving her Queen and her people. What awaits them? Can they save the Fairy realm and all who live there, or will they perish in the attempt?

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Who – or what – is watching Lexi? Friendly Angel or deadly foe?

Conall is incensed to discover Lexi is under surveillance; especially since his precious sister is pregnant with twins; fathered by ex-angel Michael.

With Zach, Alex, Vlad and the rest of the squad on a mission so ghastly it will leave Alex shaken and disgusted, it is left to Conall to track down this potential threat. What he discovers shocks him to the core, but before he can take action, the unthinkable happens: Lexi is taken.

Can ex-angel Michael find his mate in time? Will Lexi and her unborn twins survive?

Find out in this, the last installment, of the Defender’s Blood series.

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Prequel telling the story of Vlad and Irina!

Irina awakes, bound and beaten, in a cabin. A prisoner of a rogue Wolf. Her life is a living hell until she reaches the point where she longs for death to take her.
Two powerful Vampires, Vlad and Zach, are on the hunt for this Wolf, and finding him ends in a bloody fight to the death. Only Zach’s vast Vampire abilities alert them to Irina’s whereabouts. They find her, bloodied and broken…and newly turned.

With no other option, they take the young woman to their home, Unity, where she refuses to be separated from Vlad. The Vampire reluctantly lets her stay in his home and all too soon he realises he feels for her things that no Vampire should for a Wolf.
This is the story of Vlad and Irina from the Defender’s Blood series of books. Here you find out exactly how things were for them in the beginning.

Please note some scenes in this may be triggers.

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