Lori’s Wolf Pack


Lori’s lost in the forest, regretting her idea to go for a hike, she’s a town girl, and definitely out of her depth. Hurt and getting more scared, especially when she hears the howls of a large animal nearby. In her haste to get away she steps out into midair, plunging down to knock herself unconscious. The large beast finds her, having heard her screams, and zeroing in on the scent of her blood.

The Wolf changes and the Alpha looks down at the female. With no choice but to help, he picks her up to return to the Pack’s Healer. As soon as he does, his body reacts and he, at first, has no idea why. All he knows is his Wolf wants out, howling in his head with its urge to mark this human as his.

Lori is oblivious to what’s in store for her over the next few days as the powerful Alpha carries her to his cabin.

Adult content in this novella with a HEA and no cliffhanger!





Rolf wants nothing more than a couple of days away from the Pack. As Beta he is always kept busy and sometimes he just needs a break. No better way than to go hunting for wild turkey for the Pack’s Christmas dinner. What he didn’t expect, less than a few hours of arriving at the hunting cabin, was finding an injured Panther Shifter. His Beta comes to the fore and offers her help and shelter. What comes next is something neither expected, but they can’t ignore it. They return to his Pack together and alert Alpha, Lyall, that danger may be headed their way. Can they take it on, and win? Or will all hell break loose and tear them apart?
Another hot paranormal romance from New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels, that continues the story of Lori’s Wolf Pack. If you like your Shifter romance hot and steamy, then this story is for you.