My new genre and I’m thrilled to be working on …


Do you like thrillers? Edge of your seat, stalker, stories, that will have you wondering … will the bad guy get away? Or will he get caught by the edgy, tough, FBI Agent, who’s heart is broken by her own loss?

Twists, turns, and little puppies … who will win in the end? Good or bad. After all, not everyone gets found … do they?


Here’s the blurb …

A deranged stalker. A young female dog walker. And The FBI Agent whose sister disappeared without trace … Can she turn the predator she hunts into prey before it’s too late?


Summer Forbes is just an ordinary young woman, but she’s in the crosshairs of a predator. One who FBI Special Agent, Eve Knight’s been searching for since her sister went missing years ago. A man who’s deranged and deadly, but Summer has no idea how far he’ll go to have her, or why he’s picked her to be his next victim.


A man who’s left a trail of misery in his wake, with families devastated, empty spaces at their tables, and holes in their hearts. To him, Summer is the sun in the sky, the light in his darkness, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his in his insane world.


Agent Eve Knight’s on his tail, but she’s always been too far behind to nail his ass. Can she reach Summer before he takes her for himself? Or will she be one step behind once again? Leaving Summer in the hands of a maniac… “I want to be the predator and him to be the prey.”


The Stray Collector by A K Michaels, a dark, menacing, and bone-chilling thriller, that’s sure to make you keep the lights on and look over your shoulder. Definitely not for the faint-hearted in this high octane kidnap, serial killer, stalker extravaganza!


*Please note, there may be triggers for some people contained within this story.*