Exclusive Interview with Cameron Sinclair

I’m perched on the edge of a plush sofa, my hands fidgeting and embarrassingly moist as my nervousness reaches new heights. I’m waiting to interview the rather sexy Cameron Sinclair, the Reluctant Alpha from my Highland Wolf Clan series! Can I ask him all I want to in my allotted fifteen minutes? Probably not but I have some ‘must ask’ questions that I’m determined to get answers to.

I hear footsteps and my heart starts thudding wildly in my chest. He’s coming!

Cameron walks in, tall, dark and most definitely handsome. His sparkling blue eyes lock on mine, his lip tugging up at one side. Damn! He’s a damn Wolf, he can hear my heart going a million miles an hour. I watch him as he strides confidently over to sit in a chair opposite me. His eyes never leaving mine and one of his eyebrows arching.

“It’s nice to finally meet you but I have an engagement that I need to get ready for so our time together will be short.”

Oh lordy! His voice is like…I have no words. It’s astounding the effect he has on me and I bob my head quickly, agreeing with him. “Of course.”

I force my eyes to look down at my lap and the notebook with the questions I want to ask. Grabbing my phone I waggle it around. “Is it okay to record this?”

“Sure,” Cameron says in that damn sexy voice.

“Okay,” I switch on the recorder function and then take a deep breath. “So, Mr. Sinclair…”

He interrupts. “Cam is fine.”

“Right, Cam it is.” I fidget, looking down at my notes. “What’s your favorite thing to eat?” I ask, my head popping up from my notes to watch him.

He has a very roguish look on his face as he laughs. “Chastity.”

Heat runs up my neck and face as I realize what he means but I try to stay professional. It’s freaking hard as that one word has images running through my head that really shouldn’t be there.

“Are you all right?” he asks cheekily.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I shake my head. “That was naughty.”

“It was, but it was the truth.”

“Okay, I’ll rephrase it slightly. Do you like chocolate? If so what kind?”

Cam grins and I realize his answer is definitely not going to be what I expect!

“I much prefer it melted over my mate’s naked body. Tastes much better that way.”

“Cam!” I can’t help the giggle that breaks free. “You’re not making this very easy for me.”

“I apologize,” he bows his head, his tone not sounding apologetic at all.

“Do you do that often?” I pause, tapping a finger on my chin then taking the plunge. “You like to put people off balance, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I’m a businessman. It’s advantageous to be able to play games sometimes.”

“I see,” I looked down at my notes. “I’ll carry on and hopefully get something I can use for my article.”

“I can’t promise anything,” he says with a shrug.

 “Chastity? What is her best feature?” I ask breathlessly.

Cam smirks before answering. “She doesn’t have just one. Everything about her is astounding. Her scent is like…hot passion and my Wolf reacts to her instinctually.”

“Ah, yes, the mating call,” I mumble, envying Chastity so freaking much right now.


“But you didn’t want a mate? Or to be Alpha? Did you?” I throw it out there, hoping he doesn’t get angry.

Cam looks off to the side, his jaw twitching before he turns back to me. “No, I didn’t. But I was wrong. That’s not something you’ll hear me say again. I rarely make mistakes.”

His eyebrow raises as if he is challenging me to continue down this route. Hmm. Hell, why not?

“So, you were wrong about not wanting to be Alpha?” I prod the beast.

“Not exactly.” Cam grinds out. “I had no wish to be Alpha but circumstances changed.”

“But now you like being Alpha? Right?”

“I do,” Cam nods briefly.

“And Chastity, you didn’t want a mate? To be, in effect, married for life.”

“A Wolf having a soul-mate is not, in effect being married, Ms Michaels.” Cam shakes his head. “Humans can never fully understand the bond between mates. It far surpasses love, marriage, and anything in the human world pales in comparison to what Wolves feel.”

“That’s rather insulting,” I say hotly, my hand shooting to my mouth.

Cam chuckled, shrugging. “Again, it’s the truth. I’m sorry if that offends you.”

“I think it makes me more jealous than anything else.” I admit softly.

“Don’t be.” Cam shakes his head. “That emotion only ever has a negative effect and I can see it in you. Your eyes changed color slightly. The green has dimmed and I much preferred when they were bright and enthusiastic.”

I gulp. Cameron bloody Sinclair noticed my eyes! Damn! I may just faint right here and now.

Instead, I blush and stumble over my words like a teenager. “Uhm, thank you.. I think.”

“One last question before I have to go.” Cam gives me a full on smile and my insides melt.

“Can you turn me into a Wolf?” I ask, tongue in cheek.

He raises an eyebrow then inhales, taking my scent inside and making me squirm. “I’m not sure if that was a real question or not but I’ll answer anyway. I’d much rather not, you’d be my responsibility then, but if you really do wish to be a shifter I can put you in touch with some people that can help.”

“Really?” I can’t believe that it’s even a possibility. Do I want to? Hell, I don’t know but it’s certainly something to think about.

“If you want I can, but I’d ask that you think long and hard about it before taking the next step. Email me in a few weeks if you need any further information.” Cam stood, holding his hand out.

I jumped up, notebook falling to the floor as I held out my own hand. His warm fingers wrapped around mine as he smiled down at me with those oh-so-damn-sexy eyes. “Bye, for now, Ms Michaels.”

“Bye,” I stutter out as he releases me and strides away. Man, does his ass look good!