Sabrina’s Vampire



I’ve ran from the only life I’ve known, disgraced, alone, and with no idea how to carry on. I was certain I could lose myself in ‘Sin City’, but I’ve ended up in trouble on my first night.

I was stupid, getting drunk and allowing myself to be backed into an alley … even my years of police training won’t get me out of this. I won’t go down without a damn fight, but I know I’ll lose against the thugs closing in on me …


I hear her scream a moment before her scent comes to me on the night air. So tantalizing, so damn alluring, and she’s in trouble. I have to help a damsel in distress … don’t I?

It’s nothing to do with the way she looks, or how much I want to kiss her, before I sink my fangs inside her soft skin while I do other delectable things to her body. No, I’m just going to the aid of a woman in need.

Only … I’m not.

*Please note this is an erotic series intended for adults.*


Sabrina is everything to me, and I’ll do anything to keep her. She’s my soulmate. But, She’s also a former a cop, so what will she do when she finds out some of my secrets? Like how I make some of the money that fills my bank account … Will she run?

I can’t allow that to happen and I know I’ll do the unspeakable if the thought enters her head … I am a Vampire after all, and I’ll use whatever powers I have, to keep the woman I love in my arms, in my bed, and in my heart.


I love him so much. But, I’m hurting because I know he’s keeping something from me. My Vampire. My love. My skin burns for his touch, and my lips ache for his to kiss me. I’ve never felt such a hunger for a man before, but I can’t fight this sense of dread … What’s he’s hiding?

How bad can it be? I’m certain there’s something, and the detective in me won’t rest until I discover what it is.  Once it’s revealed, will the happiness I’ve found be ripped from me and tear my heart apart?


I can’t focus, think, or breathe because of the fear coursing through me. Sabrina is in danger and it’s my damn fault. A threat from my past has come back to haunt me … to hunt down the woman I love more than life itself.

The thought of her in the crosshairs of this madman is a torture I can’t endure, but I have to. I must face this monster and put him down. Once and for all, or die trying …


A monster. That’s what Kyle says is coming for me. He’s trying to hide his fear, but he can’t and that terrifies me. If my powerful Vampire is taking me away, if we’re running, that means we’re in trouble.

Kyle tells me he’ll keep me safe. He promises I’ll be okay and I believe him. Right up until the moment I’m face to face with the fiend. Now I’m in his hands and I’m not sure even my love can save me …

Book 3 in New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author A K Michaels’ steamy and suspenseful  Sabrina’s Vampire series filled with Paranormal Romance, sexy Vampires and action that will keep glued to the pages to find out what happens with this couple and if they get their happy ending … or not.