Exclusive interview with the ‘Sexy Trio’ from The Witch, The Wolf, and The Vampire!

I love Vegas! I wish I wasn’t as nervous though. Who wouldn’t be? Coming face to face with a Vampire and possibly a dang Wolf as well would set anyone’s nerves jangling. Or is that just me?

I’m at the door of the apartment where I have an appointment and it opens before I get a chance to knock. My head snaps up and shit-on-a-brick I’m staring into the smiling face of Gabe, the aforementioned Wolf.

“Come on in,” he says with the most adorable accent ever. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

I order my feet to move and go inside.

“Over here, Ms. Michaels.” A voice says, although it sounds more like an order and I catch my first sight of Josef.

He’s sitting in a plush armchair and doesn’t look pleased at my intrusion. I rush over and sit in a chair, as far away from him as possible, noticing Peri sitting on one of the large sofas. Gabe joins her, his arm around her shoulders as she leans into him and gives me a big smile.

“Hi,” she says in a much friendlier tone.

“Hello,” I reply, urging my heart to stop galloping in my chest. “I’ve only got a few questions for you but I was told I can ask anything I want. Is that correct?”

Gabe chuckles, nodding. “Sure, fire away.”

My eyes flit between all three and then I bite the bullet. “Peri, do you have a favorite between Josef and Gabe? I’m sure the readers would love to know that, especially pertaining to the bedroom department.”

Josef inhales sharply, obviously upset at my question. Oh shoot! I’ve angered an ancient Vampire….

Peri glances over, raising an eyebrow toward the Vampire, then back to me. “No, I definitely do not have a favorite. I love them equally. As for the ‘bedroom department’, all I’ll say on that count is that they keep me extremely happy and both are extremely inventive.”

Gabe chuckles, moving to kiss the top of Peri’s head. “Good answer, baby.”

I try to stop a blush as it creeps onto my face as her words push some sexy images into my head. Then I remember Josef’s mind-reading ability and shoot a glance his way. His eyes are inscrutable as he stares at me but I know he saw my filthy thoughts. My blush deepens and I look down at my lap trying to focus.

Gabe laughs again. “Josef, stop it. You’re embarrassing her.”

Josef says nothing as I manage to get out my next question. “Peri, can you tell the readers, who is the most ‘Alpha’ between Josef and Gabe.”

I wait, her eyes flitting between Josef and Gabe then back again before she returns to me., a smile twinkling in her eyes. “That’s a very hard question as both of them are very Alpha but in different ways. I think it’s a tie between them on that score.”

I take a deep breath, barely glancing at Josef as I ask. “Josef – you are a billionaire, would you be willing to give it all up for love?”

He tilts his head to the side, then turns to look at Peri as he answers. “If you’d asked me that a few years ago I would’ve told you not to be ridiculous. Of course I wouldn’t. Now? Well, I have to admit I would give up everything in a heartbeat for Peri.”

Peri smiles as she jumps up, going over to give him a kiss. “I love you too, darling.”

The utter adoration that I witness isn’t something I’ve ever seen before. Truth be told, I’m jealous.

I turn to Gabe, his eyes full of love as he watches Peri intently as she returns to sit with him. “Gabe, you’re a Wolf and most prefer to live within a Pack. Would you ever consider returning to Pack life?”

His eyes widen, a gamut of emotion running over his face briefly before he shakes his head firmly. “Nope, not a chance. I have my Pack right here, Josef and Peri, and they’re all I need.”

Again jealousy rears its ugly head inside me as I manage to get out the next question. “This is for Josef and Gabe, do you have a favorite outfit that you like to see Peri in?”

Gabe’s head falls back, a cheeky snicker erupting before he looks over at me. “F**k! You really want to know, then it has to be the little red, silk, number she wore when we first, ya know! She was like a goddess in that! We still have it too and I get her to wear it whenever…”

Peri hits his knee. “Shush!”

Josef glowers over at Gabe, his tone harsh to begin with, then softening. “Keep that thought to yourself, young Wolf! For me it was the first time I saw her in an evening gown. She was a vision of beauty personified. I can still see her whenever I close my eyes. She took my breath away.”

Peri blushes as she looks lovingly at each of her men. “You guys, stop it or I’ll get a big head.”

“It’s the truth.” Josef shrugs as Gabe grabs her in a warm embrace.

“You’ll never get a big head, baby, you’re too nice.” Gabe releases her slightly, but still keeps her close by his side.

I watch the love between them briefly before taking the plunge with my final question, hoping it doesn’t set Josef off again. “Would any of you consider adding another to your little group?”

Peri’s eyes widen, shock written all over her face as she shakes her head, but it’s Josef’s sharp tone that breaks the silence.

“Absolutely not.” He barks out coldly. “We are mated and there is no room for anyone else.”

Gabe agrees with the Vampire. “That’s right. I love Peri and Peri only. I’d never be able to touch another woman far less allow them into our bedroom. Definitely not happening.”

Peri finds her voice as she pipes up. “I’m perfectly happy with my men and I’d never allow anyone else to…well…join us. No, the answer is a definitely no.”

I sigh at the the throng of emotion rolling around the room. Goodness gracious! What would I do to have that kind of love and devotion?

“I think your time is up, Ms. Michaels.” Josef declares in that cold voice of his.

“Oh, right, yes.” I gather my things together. “Thank you for allowing me to do this. I’m certain the readers will be excited to know the answers to those questions.”

“Thank you,” Peri smiles shyly as Gabe rises.

He bows theatrically. “Can I just say one thing before you leave?”

I nod.

“Thank you for bringing us together.” He looks at Josef then Peri. “I love these two so much and you were the one that made it happen. I’ll be forever grateful.” My heart flutters as he gives me a huge smile. Damn, he’s a handsome man, full of raw power and sex appeal. Wonder if I could write myself a Gabe?

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