Warrior of Darkness Series

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I’ve no idea if either of us will survive—each other, or the evil headed our way.

When a monstrous tragedy in my past forged me into the Dark Hunter I am today, I mistakenly believed I’d become invincible. But when she ran into one of my clubs, everything changed.

Ariana Harmon ignites something inside of me, driving my inner beast insane. Our paths crossed, and now our fates are sealed. If I can’t protect her, my beast will be released to wreak bloody vengeance, but worse: Ariana will die.

Find out what lurks in the shadows of DARK HUNTER, book one in this dark paranormal series. If you love romantic suspense filled with action scenes, romance, a brooding, dark Vampire with flaws, and a sassy female who’s more than a match for him, then you’re sure to love Ava K Michaels’ Warrior of Darkness series and Lazarus and Ariana’s epic adventure.

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A dangerous means to an end…

I’m not sure Ariana and I can survive the flames she ignored when she stormed into my life…bringing a world of newfound danger with her.

With a treacherous enemy surfacing and attacks coming fast and furious, I have to keep her safe. Protect her, not only from those hunting her but from her own demons…

…and from me.

There’s a hunger growing inside me. I want her. Need her. Crave her. And my beast won’t stop until I have her. Mind. Body. And blood.

Continue to see what lurks in the shadows of DARK HUNGER, book two in the latest dark paranormal hit series by Ava K Michaels!


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Break a centuries-old vow? Or allow her to die?

I’m filled with fury. It burns inside me. She’s been taken from me. Ariana is hurt. Tortured. Failing fast. I feel her. Sense her. I’ll tear this damn city apart to get to her. I’ll destroy anyone in my path…

But will I be too late?

I have a choice to make. Do something I swore never to do. I’ve kept that promise…until now. Can I break my oath for her? The alternative is unthinkable. Unbearable. Can I go on if I don’t? Or die in a hail of flames?

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