Black Rose Chronicles Series

Lies come easy for me, as easily as I can change my face and my appearance with my forbidden magic. It’s necessary…I’m an Assassin.

Dangerous and deadly and I’ve just agreed to take on the most treacherous mission of all. But when I meet my mark…the new leader of the Vampires, Cassius Allarde…my instincts are screaming that something’s wrong. My heart gets in the way of my job but if I don’t carry out what he’s paid me to do…I’ll have a powerful and angry Demon heading my way. 

The Demon lied through his teeth, but that won’t save me from his fury. I must complete my mission, but I can’t stop my heart pounding every time Cassius is near me. When he looks at me I want to fall into his arms and forget I’ve made a deal with the Devil. But I’m The Black Rose and she always carries out her assignments…

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Hell…I’m in Hell. Literally.

I dishonored a contract to kill the Leader of the Vampires. For love. And now I’m paying the price. Locked up tight by the Demon King and his vicious minion. The way the demon looks at me is sickening and leaves no doubt what his plans are where I’m concerned. I have to escape before it’s too late.

All I have to hold onto is the belief that Cassius will come for me, that he will follow me into the pits of Hell. If anyone can do it. He can. I cling to visions of his eyes. The feel of his arms as he holds me. His love. It’s my only way to survive.

Where are you Cassius? I need you…

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The greatest battle of my life is coming…the King of Hell wants me and to rule all of humanity.

My love, Cassius, is by my side with an army…but it may not be enough. I have to hide my doubts. I have to be strong. I have to fight…to the death. The King of Hell will never take me again, I’ll die first. I’ve been to Hell once and I’m not going back.

There’s a shining light on the horizon. A ghost of a chance that could help us. Dragons. If they join us, it could tip things in our favor. But nothing is certain. Like my future. 

Cassius fears for my life. I see it in his eyes…it tears at my heart but I can’t help him. I can’t do anything except what I do best. Fight.

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