Covid-19 – Self-Isolation

Self-Isolation … many of you, like me, will be faced with something called Self-Isolation because of Covid-19, the scourge disease sweeping the planet like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I’ve spent the last week already inside and had quite a lot of inner dialogue about it …

What does this mean … will I kill my hubby and son when they make too much noise when I’m working? Will anyone even know … because, well, we’re in self-isolation…

Note to self … I can’t do that because hubs is the one going to get food because online ordering is a joke … trying to get a delivery slot is a joke and everything is marked as ‘out of stock’ … I’d starve … rethink point above.

Nobody has any money … sales have stopped dead … I’m broke … hubs drives school buses … schools have been closed so he doesn’t have a job … shit! Okay, time to start panicking … wait, I already started that when I realised I’d be stuck inside for three months! 

Note to self … where’s the wine? Hubs better have bought wine!

Just realised it’s grandson’s birthday soon … we had a huge party organised for him! He’s a kid, they don’t ‘get’ what’s happening … how do we get round this? An online party, streaming it, can we do this with his friends… will he be devastated? Of course he will… 

Note to self … make it up to him when this shit is over.

Shit! It’s granddaughter’s birthday soon toooooooooo…. dammit… two kids to make up to after this is over … I mean, how do you have birthday parties for wee ones when you can’t have social gatherings? 

Note to self … they’re good kids, they’ll be fine. I know this, I do. Stop worrying.

One of our Dear Daughters is worried sick for me (not that other isn’t just that one is more vocal) and she keeps texting to ask how I am etc … it’s nice she’s looking out for me … but it also drives home … I’M IN THE VULNERABLE GROUP … it’s scary to know that. Ya know? 

Note to self … Pretend you’re Superwoman for the day. You are NOT Vulnerable and Covid-19 can’t touch you!

Selfish people … too many are out there and they are really pissing me off. I can’t go to the shops, hubby has to and the shelves are too often … empty! He’s not been able to bring me back any of the fruit/fresh veggies I eat and NEED to stay healthy … NOPE … and so many other things are missing too. Jeez! Trying to find cleaning wipes or antibacterial ANYTHING is like digging for gold! I NEED this shit … I CANNOT get germs inside me on a normal day… now, with this damn shit going around … hells bells and buggary … people you have to stop hoarding this stuff so other people who actually need it to SURVIVE can get it!

Note to self … don’t commit murder if you find out who’s hoarding… you wouldn’t do well in a cell! 

I keep saying I’m goind to do this or that in a morning … then get sidetracked with everything going on in the world, but more importantly what’s happening in my wee pocket of the country. Seeing what’s going on right HERE is frightening … how did this happen so fast? We moved house on the 6th of March and it’s now the 21st and it’s EXPLODED …

Note to self … never ever ever move house again! If I ever even think about it … someone shoot me!

There’s people doing amazing things right now (not the hoarders, they’re scummy horrid people who’re selfish) but honest to goodness fab people who’re going out of their way to help neighbours, or setting up groups to go round and get shopping for others, or the doctors and nurses and other NHS staff and those who support them… the police, firefighters, bin men who’ll keep working, and so many others … thanks to them all.

Note to self … remember to be grateful to everyone who’s helping us keep everything going through all of this!

Oh wait … I’m wondering what I’d do if the internet went off and the guy couldn’t or wouldn’t come to fix it… OMG … no. Shoot, that can’t happen… can it? I shouldn’t have typed that … it could jinx me. Shit. I should delete it … or maybe that’ll jinx me … best to leave and cross my fingers.

Note to self … bloody well think before typing something!

Is this the beginning of the end? Are we a few steps away from The Walking Dead scenario… I mean, it’s possible … anything is possible nowadays. Just because one country say they’ve got it under control doesn’t mean they do have it under control … right? It could be lying and we’re all in deep doo doo … or not and if we do what we’ve been told to do we’ll get through this. 

Note to self … don’t type random shit that pops into your head … it could scare people. Sorry!

The next few months will bring out the best, and unfortunately, the worst in people. We’ve seen it already … I wonder what will win out? I’m hoping the former … if it’s the latter then I dread to think what will be left for us when we get there.

Note to self … take note of who does what for future reference!

Looking out the window … Hubs has been working like crazy since early morning in the garden … he does that sort of thing when he’s worried or upset. Luckily, our garden in the new house is a ‘project’ and requires his attention but it shows me he’s concerned … I hate to see him like this but he’s like millions of others right now and I can’t blame him really. It’s worrying times for all of us. 

Note to self … at least the garden will be done ahead of schedule, silver linings and all that …

Okay… so last thing … self isolation is going to be hard, it might even drive me batty, or rather, more batty than I already am. The upside is I might lose some weight due to not getting the food we usually do … I might have to survive on wine and crisps (chips for you US peeps) and that’s not such a bad idea at this point although it might not help with the waistline. I sincerely hope we all come out the other end healthy and I’ll keep you updated … wish me well and for anyone in the same situation … good luck.

Lots of love, Ava

Escape the Quarantine with a FREE Boxset?


The entire world is in turmoil with the coronavirus … some of us are in quarantine … me included because I’m in the ‘vulnerable’ group due to health issues, and one of our daughters is in self-isolation because she’s showing symptoms.

It’s a terrible time for all of us, all around the globe, and I’d like to do something for you if you’re locked up inside and maybe getting bored of watching old re-runs of shows you’ve seen a dozen times already … or before you get there and are ready to throw the tv through the window!

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