It’s LIVE! Dark Moon Falls III is here … and you need to grab this now … fall into the world of Dark Moon Falls once more and read all the magnificent stories by the most amazingly talented authors! You are sure to be entranced by the web of glorious tales they spin with hot shifters, plenty of action, and, of course, romance aplenty to keep you glued to the pages until the wee hours of the night!


My book in the set is Elias, he’s Alpha of the Dark Moon Falls pack, and I’ve been desperate to write his story. He lost his soul-mate many years ago, and since then he’s focused on looking after the pack, but his pain and sorrow have always been there. I really needed to do his story, because whenever I wrote about him in my other stories, I felt his pain and anguish. However, his story was difficult to write because of his past … and the woman who appears on his land isn’t just any woman. She comes with a horde of rogues hell-bent on revenge, not to mention, she doesn’t trust shifters, she isn’t human, and her sister is already in Dark Moon Falls and will do anything to save her … including taking on Elias himself. So … what do you think? Exciting enough for you? If you want to read it … grab the set now!

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