Have you read my Warrior of Darkness series yet? If not … here’s a wee snippet to whet your whistle!

Every second she was next to him, that her breaths touched his skin, was sending him insane. Totally and utterly crazy. He was one second away from losing control.

Completely and utterly losing it, and he wasn’t sure what he would do if that happened. Would he take her right there in the alley? Would he taste her lips? Taste her pussy? Taste that fucking blood of hers that was screaming out to him right now!

He was craving her like he’d never before craved anything, or anyone.

“Answer me, dammit!” she screamed at him, her voice echoing through the alley.

And all he could do was stare at her dark beauty. Her glorious fury as she ranted at him with fire in her eyes and no fear whatsoever. Ariana was in no doubt he could kill her. Snap her neck in two seconds flat. Drain her dry in moments. Yet still she faced off at him, with her head high and her dazzling eyes, which he couldn’t tear his own from.

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Run With The Silver Streak Pack Today!

Run With the Silver Streak Pack Today!

From Book 1:

What’s Connie to do when she knows her friend Cyndi needs love? There’s only one solution: Destiny Doucet at the Soul Match for Paranormals Looking for Love!

Her only problem is how to pay for her services. So she offers everything she has: including herself as a slave. Connie has a nerve-wracking wait to find out if the world-renowned dating guru will help her friend, and at what cost.

When Mitch Mackay arrives at the Silver Streak Pack, he’s not happy. He should be at his Alpha’s side hunting rogues, not on some obviously made up visit to the Pack Healer. That is until he scents her…his one, his only: his soul-mate. The only trouble is…she’s as skittish as a wild horse and as innocent as a new-born lamb, and the first thing she does is ups and faints on him. Shoot. Can he convince her that he’s the Cougar for her Wolf? Or will her fear take over and make her run from their one chance at happiness?

And that’s if they survive when rogues attack the camp at the worst possible moment: when the Alpha and his men are away hunting to clear the land of the very scourge that threatens their future and their lives.

Book 1 in A K Michaels’ Silver Streak Pack full of excitement, paranormal romance, and Shifter hotness! Grab your copy now and curl up with Mitch Mackay, a scorching hot Cougar who’s sure to set your kindle aflame.

* Please note this book was previously published in Milly Taiden’s PDA world.*




Elias Grant’s spent his life taking care of his pack and makes it appear as if danger and treachery are mere hiccups in his road. Strong, stoic, and never show weakness, that’s his lot.

Waking one morning he senses something wrong within Dark Moon Falls and expects just another day at the office. Only it’s not. This time what’s coming will change everything; for the pack, for him, forever.

A girl on the run, but she’s no ordinary female. She has powers he’s come across before … and she’s used them. Now she’s in trouble and needs his help, but she’s not just any girl looking for help: she’s his.

She brings danger on her tail, trouble to his pack. What will he risk for her? The answer is simple; everything. Elias will go to Hell, and back, to save her, and do it with a damn smile on his face. At last, the Goddess has blessed him, and he won’t stop until she’s safe.

Can Elias survive the danger and save the most precious thing in the universe to him? Or will he fail and die in a hail of flames? Find out in this exciting addition to Dark Moon Falls … a world filled with hot shifters, steamy paranormal romance, urban fantasy and enough thrills to keep you glued into the wee hours of the night in Ava K Michaels exhilarating love story.


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Their investigations are continuing, which we are all overjoyed at … because this isn’t over. Not when there are thousands of us who have emailed and asked for information on our accounts … and so far … nada, zilch, nothing has been provided. I know, because I’m one of the people who have emailed, and emailed, and emailed … and I’m still waiting. Not to mention that most of the time the replies aren’t even relating to the actual emails sent … So, if you’re an author and want further information check out Susan May’s blog post HERE and if you want to support ALLi … you can join HERE. Go them for helping us out! This is a fight we must win … not just for us, but for everyone that’s been affected and let down by this disgraceful behavior… 

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A Vampire’s Thirst: Victor

Chapter One

Victor allowed the blood to flow over his tongue, savoring the taste as it filled his mouth and ran down his throat. Exquisite!

His first taste of human blood in such a long time, and he wondered why he’d denied himself as he sank his fangs deeper into her soft skin, drinking deeply, while his hard length pounded inside her. Her moans of pleasure as she writhed beneath him spurred him on, taking him higher, her blood filling him with lust and longing for more . . . so much more.

Her dark skin felt soft beneath his touch, her back bowed as another orgasm wracked her body as his bite took her over again and again. The blood he drank was addictive, glorious, and he wanted to drain her . . . Forcing his fangs from her skin, immediately feeling the pull to drink from her again, he retracted his teeth and pushed her away roughly.

Without a word he disentangled their bodies, dressed quickly and left the private room, disgust coursing through him briefly before the damn thirst for her fucking blood reared its head again. He wasted no time in leaving the club, not even waiting on his bodyguard, rushing out and into his limo and ordering his driver to take him home as quickly as possible. Sitting back, he tried to sort through what the hell had happened . . . he’d drank human blood for the first time in over two centuries and he had no fucking clue why.

When he arrived home, without acknowledging the doorman, he hurried to the elevator quickly inputting the security code. His only wish to gain access to his home. He slammed the door, almost tearing it from the hinges, his long legs stormed over to the window where he stopped to stare out the floor to ceiling window overlooking Central Park, his reflection glaring back at him accusingly. His ice blue eyes shielding the turmoil within from anyone that had the misfortune to look his way, only he knew the hell he was experiencing, the absolute and all-encompassing torture that his mind and body was forcing him to endure. And he had no idea what the blue blazes was going on.

What the hell is happening to me? he thought for the hundredth time.

He was one of the most powerful Vampires in existence. One who held knowledge that spanned centuries, ran businesses all over the damn world with ease, and yet here he was acting like a newly turned Vampling with no control over his bloodlust or his sexual demands.

Leaning his forehead on the cool glass, inhaling deeply to still his madly beating heart, Victor fought to control his growing anger. He had to control it. If he lost it then his penthouse apartment would be in ruin in no time at all, but worse . . . his secret would be out. People would learn there was something very wrong with Victor Strong and that was something he couldn’t allow to happen. Not now, hell, not at any fucking time, but especially not now.

He had a meeting tomorrow that was going to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars for one of his companies and he’d be a fool to mess that up. One thing he was not, was a fool. The only saving grace was that it was being done online. Thank fuck for technology. He’d already met with the people involved and everything had been ironed out . . . almost. This was the final deal breaker and he refused to allow whatever was going on inside him to muck up the months of hard work he’d put in getting everything in place of his ultimate goal to gain some lucrative acquisitions. They’d add enough to his portfolio to make him the richest man alive . . . or dead depending on your perception of Vampires. As he still had a heart, still breathed air, he never thought of himself as one of the undead, but that didn’t stop others from believing that were so.

“Are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on?” Flint’s hard voice broke the silence, but he didn’t jump, merely turned around slowly and walked to the bar.

“Want one?” he asked, pouring himself a shot of expensive whisky.

“Sure.” Flint joined him, leaning his ass on a stool. His dark-as-night eyes never leaving Victor’s as he took the offered glass. “So, boss, what’s going on with you? You never take up the offer of girls at the club, yet tonight . . . you went through three of them. What’s up with that? And, that’s not all, is it?”

Flint made a show of lifting his head and sniffing. Victor stiffened, his lips curling back in a snarl of warning. “Don’t say it.”

“What? That I smell blood? Human blood. On the man that’s not fed on human blood for so long that I can’t even remember how far back it was.” Flint took a sip of his drink, before placing the glass down heavily. “What’s up, Victor?”

“It’s not illegal, is it?” Victor snapped viciously. “I have done nothing wrong.”

Flint frowned, rising from the stool and looking at him with a look of confusion on his hard face. “What the hell, boss? What’s gotten into you?”

Victor shook his head, trying to clear it of the thoughts cascading through his brain. Mainly the ones of sinking his fangs into soft flesh and the taste of sweet blood as it dripped onto his tongue and trailed down his throat so damn nicely. He could still smell the heady aroma of one of the girls he’d drank from earlier, her unique blend that reminded him of a good merlot he’d tasted on his last trip to Paris. Fuck! He yearned to race back and sink himself inside her once more at the same time as his fangs tore into her pale skin to . . . no. He refused to allow himself to descend that route once again.

He was strong not just in name but in everything. His steely control over his entire life wasn’t limited to his Vampire cravings, but in his everyday business dealings and the way he ran his world-wide corporations with an iron fist. It was how he became one of, if not the richest man in the goddamn world. He would win this war against whatever it was that was eating away inside him. He was Victor Fucking Strong and nothing, absolutely nothing would make him weak, or bring him to his knees. Not a chance in hell would he allow that to happen. His hands bunched into fists at his sides, his nails digging into his palms, drawing blood with the ferocity and strength of his will to battle the demons raging inside him.

“Victor?” Flint’s hand landed on his shoulder, surprising him out of his thoughts, causing him to jerk away angrily.


“You’re worrying me. You were out of it then and you were definitely not yourself earlier. You need to talk to me. What’s happening?”

“I’m fine.” Victor pushed past the man that wasn’t just his bodyguard and his right-hand-man, but someone who’d been at his side for more years than he could count. Flint was his best friend and they’d saved each other’s lives so many times over the centuries it was as if he’d slapped the man as he strode away from him to the window. “I need some air.”

Opening the sliding door, he stepped out onto the large patio. He didn’t see the glorious New York skyline, his eyes closed as he took deep steadying breaths. Flint was next to him, he felt him, his friend nearby and worried. “I’ll be fine, Flint.”

“Will you?” he asked skeptically.

Victor turned to him, seeing the worry etched on his face brought a vision of when they’d first met…so many centuries ago when Flint was a new Vampling and been abandoned by his maker. Victor had found him in a backstreet in New Orleans, draining a young woman. He’d barely managed to save her in time, but he did and then took the young man under his wing and taught him how to control his urges. They’d been together ever since, and they were as close as brothers. To see him looking at him like this and talking to him with such a tone, well, it hurt.

“I’m sure.” Victor tipped his head.

“I’m not,” Flint replied, his steely gaze never wavering as he kept watch on him. “You remind me of what I was like when you found me and that wasn’t pretty.”

“That’s funny,” Victor’s lips tugged up. “I was just remembering that night in Orleans.”

“I’d rather forget it,” Flint grunted. “Not something I’m proud of and I’d hate to feel like that again, that loss of control. Fuck, that’s definitely not on my ‘to do’ list ever.”

Victor agreed but that’s exactly what was happening to him. He could feel it growing inside him like a damn cancer, only worse. That could be cut out, carved away by a scalpel and thrown in the garbage…unlike whatever was eating away inside him.

“Vic? What is it? You look as if you’re ready to rip something apart again. Are you sure you’re okay?” Flint stepped toward him, his eyes searching his face and his friend looking even more concerned.

“Yes . . .” And then something strange and magical assaulted his senses. A whisper of a scent wafting inside his nostrils . . . honey and wildflowers. It was tantalizing, mesmerizing and absolutely his. There was no doubt in his mind that he had to find the owner. His eyes snapped open as he rushed to the balcony, looking down to the street below which was almost empty of people at this late hour. He inhaled sharply again, using his centuries old Vampire abilities to try and locate the scent, his head whipping around toward the park . . . there.

His legs moved quickly, speeding toward the fire escape, with Flint yelling, “What the hell are you doing? Victor, wait!”

“I can’t! I need to find her!”

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Covid-19 – Self-Isolation

Self-Isolation … many of you, like me, will be faced with something called Self-Isolation because of Covid-19, the scourge disease sweeping the planet like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I’ve spent the last week already inside and had quite a lot of inner dialogue about it …

What does this mean … will I kill my hubby and son when they make too much noise when I’m working? Will anyone even know … because, well, we’re in self-isolation…

Note to self … I can’t do that because hubs is the one going to get food because online ordering is a joke … trying to get a delivery slot is a joke and everything is marked as ‘out of stock’ … I’d starve … rethink point above.

Nobody has any money … sales have stopped dead … I’m broke … hubs drives school buses … schools have been closed so he doesn’t have a job … shit! Okay, time to start panicking … wait, I already started that when I realised I’d be stuck inside for three months! 

Note to self … where’s the wine? Hubs better have bought wine!

Just realised it’s grandson’s birthday soon … we had a huge party organised for him! He’s a kid, they don’t ‘get’ what’s happening … how do we get round this? An online party, streaming it, can we do this with his friends… will he be devastated? Of course he will… 

Note to self … make it up to him when this shit is over.

Shit! It’s granddaughter’s birthday soon toooooooooo…. dammit… two kids to make up to after this is over … I mean, how do you have birthday parties for wee ones when you can’t have social gatherings? 

Note to self … they’re good kids, they’ll be fine. I know this, I do. Stop worrying.

One of our Dear Daughters is worried sick for me (not that other isn’t just that one is more vocal) and she keeps texting to ask how I am etc … it’s nice she’s looking out for me … but it also drives home … I’M IN THE VULNERABLE GROUP … it’s scary to know that. Ya know? 

Note to self … Pretend you’re Superwoman for the day. You are NOT Vulnerable and Covid-19 can’t touch you!

Selfish people … too many are out there and they are really pissing me off. I can’t go to the shops, hubby has to and the shelves are too often … empty! He’s not been able to bring me back any of the fruit/fresh veggies I eat and NEED to stay healthy … NOPE … and so many other things are missing too. Jeez! Trying to find cleaning wipes or antibacterial ANYTHING is like digging for gold! I NEED this shit … I CANNOT get germs inside me on a normal day… now, with this damn shit going around … hells bells and buggary … people you have to stop hoarding this stuff so other people who actually need it to SURVIVE can get it!

Note to self … don’t commit murder if you find out who’s hoarding… you wouldn’t do well in a cell! 

I keep saying I’m goind to do this or that in a morning … then get sidetracked with everything going on in the world, but more importantly what’s happening in my wee pocket of the country. Seeing what’s going on right HERE is frightening … how did this happen so fast? We moved house on the 6th of March and it’s now the 21st and it’s EXPLODED …

Note to self … never ever ever move house again! If I ever even think about it … someone shoot me!

There’s people doing amazing things right now (not the hoarders, they’re scummy horrid people who’re selfish) but honest to goodness fab people who’re going out of their way to help neighbours, or setting up groups to go round and get shopping for others, or the doctors and nurses and other NHS staff and those who support them… the police, firefighters, bin men who’ll keep working, and so many others … thanks to them all.

Note to self … remember to be grateful to everyone who’s helping us keep everything going through all of this!

Oh wait … I’m wondering what I’d do if the internet went off and the guy couldn’t or wouldn’t come to fix it… OMG … no. Shoot, that can’t happen… can it? I shouldn’t have typed that … it could jinx me. Shit. I should delete it … or maybe that’ll jinx me … best to leave and cross my fingers.

Note to self … bloody well think before typing something!

Is this the beginning of the end? Are we a few steps away from The Walking Dead scenario… I mean, it’s possible … anything is possible nowadays. Just because one country say they’ve got it under control doesn’t mean they do have it under control … right? It could be lying and we’re all in deep doo doo … or not and if we do what we’ve been told to do we’ll get through this. 

Note to self … don’t type random shit that pops into your head … it could scare people. Sorry!

The next few months will bring out the best, and unfortunately, the worst in people. We’ve seen it already … I wonder what will win out? I’m hoping the former … if it’s the latter then I dread to think what will be left for us when we get there.

Note to self … take note of who does what for future reference!

Looking out the window … Hubs has been working like crazy since early morning in the garden … he does that sort of thing when he’s worried or upset. Luckily, our garden in the new house is a ‘project’ and requires his attention but it shows me he’s concerned … I hate to see him like this but he’s like millions of others right now and I can’t blame him really. It’s worrying times for all of us. 

Note to self … at least the garden will be done ahead of schedule, silver linings and all that …

Okay… so last thing … self isolation is going to be hard, it might even drive me batty, or rather, more batty than I already am. The upside is I might lose some weight due to not getting the food we usually do … I might have to survive on wine and crisps (chips for you US peeps) and that’s not such a bad idea at this point although it might not help with the waistline. I sincerely hope we all come out the other end healthy and I’ll keep you updated … wish me well and for anyone in the same situation … good luck.

Lots of love, Ava

Escape the Quarantine with a FREE Boxset?


The entire world is in turmoil with the coronavirus … some of us are in quarantine … me included because I’m in the ‘vulnerable’ group due to health issues, and one of our daughters is in self-isolation because she’s showing symptoms.

It’s a terrible time for all of us, all around the globe, and I’d like to do something for you if you’re locked up inside and maybe getting bored of watching old re-runs of shows you’ve seen a dozen times already … or before you get there and are ready to throw the tv through the window!

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It’s a fast-paced paranormal romance filled with a plethora of beings from hot Vamps, to strong Shifters, a sassy and deadly Witch, with enough action to keep you on your toes … so without any other faffing about … here you go.

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