Escape the Quarantine with a FREE Boxset?

The entire world is in turmoil with the coronavirus … some of us are in quarantine … me included because I’m in the ‘vulnerable’ group due to health issues, and one of our daughters is in self-isolation because she’s showing symptoms.

It’s a terrible time for all of us, all around the globe, and I’d like to do something for you if you’re locked up inside and maybe getting bored of watching old re-runs of shows you’ve seen a dozen times already … or before you get there and are ready to throw the tv through the window!

That’s not a great idea so I’m going to give away a boxset of mine absolutely FREE for anyone who’d like it. Aye, you read that right … I said FREE … for anyone who fancies a wee read to while away a few hours instead of sitting worrying about what’s going on in this crazy world of ours right now.

There are NO strings attached guys. This is an entire series just for you, of course, if you enjoy it, you could always leave a wee review for me ha ha … but it’s not a condition of you receiving the set … absolutely not … you still get it, and I sincerely hope it you enjoy it and it helps you in even a wee bit to get through what’s happening to all of us. 

It’s a fast-paced paranormal romance filled with a plethora of beings from hot Vamps, to strong Shifters, a sassy and deadly Witch, with enough action to keep you on your toes … so without any other faffing about … here you go.

My Black Rose Chronicles series, books 1 – 3 are included in this set for you and I hope you love Rose as much as I do! You can click on the image below to grab your copy or HERE. P.S. my friend Bella is also giving away free books to help at this awful time … so if you want to check out what she’s got available you can … HERE. And if you enjoy either of our free stories, you can sign-up for our newsletters to keep up to date with our other work … it might be the best way as we’re both stuck inside at the moment lol.

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