Love Fantasy Romance? Check this out!

Do you love Fantasy Romance?

Fantasy Romance … what’s not to love about it? Sexy Vampires, hot as Hades Shifters, a host of other magical beings, including Dragons, Witches and a ton of others with lots of action thrown in with passion galore? Wow, pass the fan now because the heat is high in this genre. It can be called a few things, including paranormal romance but it’s hot and has a ton of books and authors to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.

The heat levels in the stories can, of course, vary, for example, mine are usually steamy, and in some others there can be a slow burn, but in most there’s always a romantic element where the couples are brought together and have to work to fight against an enemy. Or, the ‘good guy’ must battle a foe to win his love or save her life … that’s the action part. 

I’ve been very excited as Victor was recently picked to be featured as one of thirteen books that show the wide range of passionate Fantasy Romance over on Wiki.Ezvid! It’s a fantabulous site and I had no idea they were going to add one of my books! I’m over the moon about it! You can click HERE to check it out … it’s a huge site with tons of stuff on it… go on over now! The feature has a lot of books on it, some I’m going to go check out myself …. they look freaking awesome guys!

Fantasy Romance is a fabulous genre, hot and action packed … and I am so thankful and excited to have one of my books be featured over on their site! Whoop whoop! Can you tell how happy I am…

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